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Parents and guardians are critical partners with NAA faculty and administrators in ensuring that students receive the best education possible. We encourage family members to involved in their children’s education and make an important difference in their experience at school. Some of the ways parents and guardians can get involved are:

  1. Talk to your child about their school day, their friends and staff.
  2. Read with your child and listen to them read aloud Check homework assignments every night
  3. Talk with teachers about your child’s progress
  4. Attend school functions and Parent-Teacher meetings              
  5. Make a commitment to know the expectations and standards for all NAA students, parents, faculty and administrators all outlined in the Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association INC. (NAA) Parent & Student Handbook. (Selected portions are shown below.)
  6. Limit television viewing.                
  7. Commitment by Stakeholders
  8. In uniformly implementing the goals, expectations, and the

Guide to Student Discipline, the School Board believes that the students, their parents/guardians, and staff members must play key roles.

Commitment by Parents/Guardians

As a parent/legal guardian of a student, I understand that this school is a university preparatory program, and I will support the rigorous curriculum necessary.

I agree to support my child’s educational and recreational program by:

  1. Ensuring my child regular attendance and informing the school and program of any absences in a timely manner. Encouraging my child to complete his/her homework each night.
  2. Maintaining communication with my child’s teachers and principal.
  3. Volunteering a minimum of two times per year.
  4. Attending parent/teacher/student conferences.
  5. Encouraging my child to comply with the program and school's policies and regulations.
  6. Supporting the Board approved Dress Code Policy.

Commitment by Students

As a student of Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association INC. (NAA)

  1. I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  2. I will regularly be in attendance and on time.
  3. I understand that this school is a university preparatory academy, and I plan to attend an institution of higher education.
  4. I will successfully complete with pride all of my assignments on time.
  5. I will comply with the policies and regulations of University Academy.
  6. I will comply with the Board approved Dress Code Policy.                  
  7. Commitment by the Staff (including administrators)
  8. As a staff member of Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association INC. (NAA)
  9. I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  10. I will encourage students to attend school regularly and will make whatever contacts I feel necessary to improve.
  12.                    Student attendance.
  13. I will provide information to students, parents, and other staff members in a timely manner.
  14. I will assist students, parents, and faculty members in designing and implementing effective Student Learning Plans.
  15. I will take action to ensure that   Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association INC. (NAA)
  16. is a safe and orderly place in which to learn.
  17. I will provide opportunities for student leadership and innovation in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  18. I will provide a student-centered, rigorous academic and meaningful academic program of instruction for all students.
  19. I will support the Board approved Dress Code Policy.

Curriculum and instruction at the Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association

Curriculum and instruction at the Neighborhood Academic & Academic Association is designed to increase student achievement. Also to support our mission of preparing students to succeed in an institution of higher education and to participate as leaders in society.

Elementary curriculum emphasizes mastery of basic skills such as reading, math,science,social studies, communication arts, music and physical education. The curriculum is individualized to meet special needs, and lessons are also provided to develop social skills, positive character traits and drug-abuse resistance skills.

Middle School curriculum and supporting activities are designed to help students enter their teen years with success and confidence. The required curriculum includes courses in social studies, mathematics, advanced mathematics, language arts, science, physical education and health. Elective activites are available in art, music, and theater.

The Upper School is guided by the philosophy that a college preparatory curriculum should be about mastering the key concepts taught in the curricular course work. Mastery Learning is our vehicle of choice for helping students work to high standards and for both fostering good academic habits. Mastery assessments make up anywhere from 40% to 50% of the total points that a student will earn in a course.

Youth Mentors

Youth Mentors at the Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association is also a participating member of Youth Mentors. Youth Mentors is a school-based mentoring effort that links caring adult volunteers from the community with students in schools and is open to all students, grades K-12.

All activities take place on school grounds before, during or after school hours. Youth Mentors volunteers typically visit a school for one hour each week to do things like have lunch with a student, help with reading or academic tutoring, share an interest or a hobby or simply listen. f you are interested in volunteering, please contact our     Volunteer Coordinator, by phone at (785)-213-4843 

Volunteer Opportunities Community and the Neighborhood Academic & Academic Association


Volunteer Opportunities at Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association relies on families of students and the community to supplement the time and resources the faculty and staff devote to educating and shaping well rounded citizens.

Examples of the numerous volunteer opportunities at the Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association are listed below:

  • Help students from K through 12 with their homework, especially in math & English
  • Help by providing support services like photocopying, laminating, bulletin board decorating, filing, etc.
  • Help by volunteering in the Library/Media Center
  • Help by providing assistance/support services in the Health Clinic
  • Help by being a parent volunteer to accompany students on Field Trips
  • Help by being a parent volunteer to assist students with Community Service Projects
  • Help by assisting with general office duties
  • Help by assisting a teacher in a classroom

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